Business Consulting:

  • Randel Solutions specializes in bringing together industry insiders in highly cohesive and effective teams to help our client solve their biggest business challenges. Our specific management consulting offerings include Strategy and Transformation Services, Business analytics, Compliance and Operations Consulting and Industry Specific Research Services. We have accelerators and frameworks developed over years of high end management consulting and our consultants hit the ground running on day 1 of our engagements. Our unique focus on value earned for our clients is exhibited by our workshop based approach geared towards fast decision making and proactive risk and change management. Please contact us to learn more about our business consulting services.

    Enterprise Architecture :

  • Randel Solutions employs and engages with top talent in enterprise architecture. Our offerings include Enterprise Reference Architecture Definitions, Current State Architecture and System Evaluations, Enterprise Architect Services and Business and Technology Application Planning. Our consultants have large and global organization experience and are well versed with Enterprise Architecture frameworks and tools like TOGAF, Zachman, RSA and Troux.

    Project Delivery :

  • Randel Solutions prides itself on the discipline and rigor it brings to deliver complex IT projects for our clients. We have the ability to deliver projects using a global model and also a mixed model where we work with and/or manage other vendor partners along with our client's IT Team. We focus on a One Team-One Goal theme and encourage our consultants to embed themselves as one with the client teams both culturally and professionally. We offer both fixed time- fixed budget and time and material models for our project delivery. We are also more than happy and importantly confident to put skin in the game and offer performance pricing to our clients.

    IT Transformation :

  • Our unique framework BEAP : Business and Enterprise Architecture Planning (copyright applied) focuses on an accelerated current state assessment for the business effectiveness of enterprise services and systems and the development of a roadmap for IT Transformation. Our experience suggests that too often enterprise architecture evolves to a very complex state and usually loses the agility to effectively respond to fast changing business needs. Our methodology and consultants help in measuring not only the true business value delivered by the IT systems but also their ability to scale or change in response to changing business environments. They also scorecard the systems on an end of life curve to help create IT Transformation budgets and roadmaps. Some of our IT clients have actually gone a step further to use our methodology to take the lead in working with their business partners in facilitating the formulation of an effective business strategy. We also help the client to create chargeback models and business cases for complex shared service initiatives like MDM, ESB etc.

    Managed IT and QA Services:

  • Randel Solutions has the ability to provide a full spectrum of IT services. Our services can be provided in both a cloud based and client hosted model. The services we provide include application management, network management, back up and recovery and user managements. Our environment on demand services allows clients to quickly set up complex testing and development environments in both virtual and physical models. We work with the client teams to help quantify the data center dollars spent in supporting in house development and come up with virtualization and set up run books for integrated environment management for their applications. This allows our clients to quickly stand up fully integrated test environments for various purposes like QA, Issue recreation for customer Support and Release management. In the field of application management our services range from QA to application lifecycle support. Our QA offerings include multi device, multi browser and version compatibility testing services.

    Training Services :

  • Randel Solutions offers web based, in office and off site training services. Our training offerings are geared as per client needs and designed as per quality and success metrics established by the clients. Please contact us to discuss your training needs and how we can help you.